Monday, February 12, 2007

Baume de la Ferte

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People ask me all the time if there is one cosmetic line I prefer... my usual response is "I use everything." I do have favorite products such as Baume de la Ferte lip balm by Guerlain. I swear by this product!

I need products with instant gratification and this one sure delivers moist luscious lips on contact. One of its ingredients is Bordeaux wine which is known for its healing properties and unlike chapstick, you don't have to keep reapplying it, once or twice a day is enough to do the job. No more chapped lips!

I have the best testimonial for this product too: I did makeup for a music video for a Sony artist and the video shoot took place in the freezing mountains outside of Madrid Spain. The entire crew was wearing snow suits because it was so windy and cold (except for the singer who was wearing blue jeans and a sexy t-shirt as you can see in the picture), one of the crew members asked me if I had something for his extremely chapped lips and I gave him Baume de la Ferte and within a few minutes he had told the entire crew that I had some miracle lip potion that completely healed his lips in minutes... needless to say I had the entire crew forming a line to get the lip balm. I used the entire tube that day, but we had a happy crew.

This product can be found at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fith Avenue.

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