Thursday, March 6, 2008

Promises & Pearls - The Recap

Last night I participated at the "Promises & Pearls Soiree with the finest..." It was great to share a beautiful space with all my favorite vendors, as well as get to meet existing and potential clients. I didn't do any makeovers as I did last year because I was feeling very sick, but I had to put my best face and attitude forward and tried to enjoy the event.

NOTE: For those whom I met at the event; I usually don't have a red spot in my eye, it was just a blood vessel that popped from too much coughing, I will go away in a week (the doctor said)... Now, I MUST REST... I have a wedding Saturday! and a trial on Sunday!

I did give away a beauty envelope with information about Thi Lashes, Creme de La Mer (with a sample) and an invitation for a skincare consultation with a Creme de La Mer specialist. I think skincare is so important especially if you want your makeup to look flawless on your wedding day (Creme de La Mer is what Jennifer Lopez uses to have glowing skin).

I am extending the invitation to any of you that did not attend the event to get a complimentary skincare consultation and receive travel samples of Creme De La Mer products. Simply call to make an appointment with Creme de La Mer specialist:

Sue Conti
at Neiman Marcus-Palo Alto
(650) 329-3300 Ext. 2118
No purchase necessary

Here is a photo recap of the event courtesy of my good friend Augie Chang, check out his blog for more pictures of this event.

The decoration and table settings were amazing!
Table design by Michelle of MB Wedding Design & Events
and flowers by Spiralhand Floral
Flowers by Poppys Petal Works
Open Bar by Best Beverage Catering
Delicious food by Nico Martin Presents
Our wonderful hostesses Michelle from MB Wedding Design
& Beverly Yip from specially Yours Chair Covers
(I did Beverly's updo in 15 minutes! at the event)
My Booth at the event! PMA!
Jennifer Skog and I... We are both Taureans! Watch out! See the horns?
We gave away a Boudoir Session for one lucky bride at the event
(more to come on that)
It was great meeting my clients!!
Nice to meet you Marie! See you at the trial in May!
Two of my favorite people: Nicole Ha & Augie Chang
My new friend Andrew from MSV Studio & My old friend Justin Fone


  1. It was great to meet you too!

  2. I'm using Le Mere Creme yesterday & I think I'm addicted. :) I can't wait to see you at my event on April 27!


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