Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Helena's Mom Review...

When my daughter, Helena, told me she wanted to employ the services of one who could not only do her hair for her special day, but also her makeup, my initial reaction was, yes--I understand the hair, but no, I think the makeup is really excessive. Fortunately, her will prevailed.

My daughter never looked so beautiful. I was stunned when I saw her walking toward her groom, Andy. I had left Helena to Maria for all the preparations that morning, so I really didn't know what to expect. What I saw was a young woman whose natural beauty was enhanced--not artificially, but subtly. Her hair was softly curled and flowing, with part of it swept up; Helena looked somehow regal yet radiantly accessible, like a girl yet like a woman. I started smiling and just couldn't stop--this gorgeous creature was my daughter! Maria had used her makeup artistry most expertly to highlight two of Helena's best features, her fair skin and her large blue eyes.

Maria, however, did much more. She was quite simply a part of the wedding party with her quiet charm. She saw even the smallest of details. For example, during the photograph sessions, she darted in and straightened my pendant, which has a habit of sitting sideways. She unobtrusively assisted Helena with her train, her veil, her flowers--and she even dabbed her eyes for her when Helena had no hands to spare.

Maria, furthermore, behaves like one who really LOVES what she does. Throughout the day, I felt that we were the only people on her mind. She was quietly professional yet personable, helpful yet not intrusive. This on top of absolutely amazing work.
Moms, if you are debating on whether you should pay the money for Maria's expertise, I tell you with great conviction that you will come away feeling as I did--it was worth every penny and then some. I am looking at a photo of my daughter as I write this. Yes, it was worth it. Cut back on the flowers, select more modest food offerings, but get this young woman to do your daughter's hair and makeup. Every time you look at the wedding photos, you will be grateful.

Ines Eishen, a Texas mom

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