Friday, May 30, 2008

Lavender Fields...

I couldn't wait to be part of Aubrey's wedding, from the moment I met her at the trial, I knew she would have a beautiful wedding. She was so detailed oriented and gave me all the elements I needed to create the perfect look to compliment her style. The moment she told me her wedding would take place in the beautiful lavender fields of Bear Flag Farm, I knew I had to do something "Rustic" yet sophisticated enough for her elegant dress.

On the wedding day I surprised Aubrey by letting her know I was going to make some changes and she reluctantly said "Ok, Maria I trust you", I knew she was already happy with the trial results, but after studying her trial pictures very carefully, I decided to make a few changes to improve my design and the final result was amazing! Thanks Aubrey for trusting me!

Aubrey was double blessed by having Gene Higa and Ann Hamilton as her photographers, I couldn't believe she was so lucky as to get these two award winning companies team up for her day. Aubrey must have great Karma!

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  1. Aubrey is such a beautiful bride..What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing!


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