Thursday, February 7, 2008

MSV Studio Launch Party

John Griffin, Jennifer Skog (as in Vogue), & Me

Last night I met with all my favorite wedding peeps at the new fabulous Muse Dekker Studio in San Francisco. The space is so beautiful and modern and available for private parties!!
Out with the old (rehearsal dinners)... in with the new (Posh rehearsal coctail parties). How about a super trendy engagement party? At the same time you can hire MSV Studio to capture every moment of your event...

And speaking of capturing moments... the fabulous Augie Chang documented this event. Here he is looking very G.Q. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Check out Augie's Blog for more photos of this event.


  1. Maria!
    I just found your blog. Thanks for the post! (We'll have to get together to brunch or coffee sometime. <-- notice I used "brunch" and "coffee" as verbs? What's up with that?)

    I hope to work together soon.

    Andrew Hsu |


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