Monday, May 26, 2008

Diane's Review...

Photo by Lito Sy

I know I would have regretted it if I didn't hire Maria for my wedding. She's AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I am truly amazed with this woman. She knows what I want and what will look good on me, even before I realize it. It's unbelievable!

During the trial, I showed Maria pictures from magazines that I like, but I wasn't sure if the "look" suited my features. She listened to me and suggested ideas on what she thought would look great. She was really committed to creating the perfect wedding look for me. I felt that she truly cared. Maria's suggestions turned out better than what I had in mind (or what I initially wanted).

On the day of the wedding, I completely trusted Maria to do her magic and I never looked and felt my best! My family and friends were all complimenting my hair and makeup that day. I was soo happy with how they turned out, both in person and in ALL my wedding photos.

Maria's extra services make her stand out even more from the rest. Here are some of the things she did for me:

- stayed with me until after our post-ceremony photos for touch-ups and to make sure that my hair was not being messed up with my veils (i had two - one drop veil and one long veil at the back)
- carried and took care of my super long 10ft train and my even longer veil
- hairsprayed my dad's messy hair- made sure my groom is oil-free during the post-ceremony photos
- taught me how to hold my bouquet while walking down the aisle - taught my parents how to lift my veil before handing me to groom
- helped gather people during the formal post-ceremony pictures
- assisted my photographer in getting great photos- gave medication to my maid of honor since Maria noticed that her skin is turning red with the dress beads scraping against her skin - took care of me the whole time and was there if I needed anything like water, etc.

She has done so much and I can't stop raving about her. She's amazing and exceptional in what she does, yet is very down-to-earth, accomodating and a true professional. She definitely played a huge role in making my day special. I'll always be thankful. As my husband would say, "What will we do without Maria?"


  1. she does have a long veil!!! awesome job, Maria!


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