Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks for taking me out of AUTO MODE Augie!!!

I recently attended Augie Chang’s introduction to digital photography workshop and I’m going to share my experience in this review:

First, a little background, I am by no means a photographer or claim to be one; I don’t call myself one mainly because I do not know how to use or understand the mechanics of a camera. I have a Nikon D40 and I’ve been using it on AUTO mode all this time. I am fortunate to have a studio with great natural light and I do have a good eye for photography, it was just the “technical” that is missing. When I saw Augie’s blog post on his upcoming workshop, I jumped at the opportunity to be part of it.

My first impression of the workshop was on how professional Augie is; he gave us binders with all written information and great tips and advice. The class was full with 12 attendees but didn’t feel crowded at all; it was just the right size class.

We started the class and Augie explained every topic with great detail and if there were any lingering questions, he gladly answered. We all had different cameras, some real nice professional ones; others (like me) had the commercial consumer SLR. Augie made sure that we discovered and understood all the mechanics of our particular camera; he even partnered us with two people with the same or similar cameras so we can help and practice on each other. I discovered so many features on my camera that I had so many (as Oprah would put it) A-ha moments!

The second part of the day was my favorite… The photo shoot.
I was so excited to put into practice all the great things I learned. Augie gave us several assignments or shots to take which was a good variety of exercises. At the end of the shoot we headed back to Augie’s studio to critic the photos we took.
All and all, I had a great experience and I feel that I am now a great amateur photographer!

I highly recommend it, his next class will be on June 21st, it fills up quickly so sign up early.

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